The Hotel is located just one block from the central Plaza de Armas, where the Town Hall, from there, you can access any of the streets of the historic district of La Magdalena, where you can enjoy watching the beauty of Art Nouveau architecture that represents Ferrol or taste the best tapas and wines.


Less than 5 minutes walk from our hotel is the historic military arsenal and Navantia shipyard, where you can enjoy guided tours. 10 minutes is Curuxeiras port, where you can ride the boat Mugardos and enjoy a nice walk contemplating the beauty of the Ria de Ferrol, guarded by the imposing Castle of La Palma and San Felipe. You can reach the Castle of San Felipe through Mugardos boat or car, as it is situated only 15 minutes away.


If you just want to enjoy nature, the coast of Ferrolterra offer an endless succession of beaches and coves that you can not lose. Within 20 minutes drive there are numerous beaches like Doniños, San Jorge, Cobas, Esmelle, Santa Comba, and beautiful hiking trails that let you enjoy the beauty of Costa Ártabra.

El Hotel Almendra is located on Calle Almendra, S/N Ferrol A Coruña 15402